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If you can't see exactly what you are looking for or if you are interested in any of my paintings, but would like it created in different colours or sizes to compliment your decor, just email me with your specific details, and I will contact you to discuss your specific requirements.

Size Matters

If you have seen a painting you love, but it is not the size you are looking for, please get in touch. I can often re-create the painting to your specific size requirements.

Colour is Everything

If you have seen a painting on my site but it is not the exact colour you are looking for or you want to add extra colour to match your interior decor. Get in touch and send me your colour requirements. I am very happy to work colour into existing paintings, or if I feel the colour may not work, I can work with you to re-create the paintings to your specific colour requirements.

One Two Three

Most of my paintings are created on single canvases, but if you have seen one of my painting you love, but feel a Diptych (Two canvases) or Triptych (Three canvases) would better suit your interior space. Again get in touch with me, always happy to help and I can work with you to re-create your perfect painting across multiple canvases.

Commission Prices

There is no extra cost for Commissions. As a guide commission prices are the same my website prices. Any size can be created, so please get in touch. I would love to hear from you.

Picture Perfect

If you would like to see any of my existing art on your wall space or in your room, I offer a FREE "See Before You Buy" service.

Simply email me a photo of your wall and rough measurements (For best results take the photo high quality about 4mb size is great. A straight on image is best, try to include items in the room for example: a sofa, chair, sideboard or table, as this gives me a sense of scale and also gives you a more realistic idea of how the painting will look in your room).

I can photoshop any of my art into your room setting and will send it back to you, to give you a better idea how the art will look in your interior.

If you want to go a step further and to see the art in all its colourful glory, I offer a 14 day no hassle money back guarantee. Giving you time to view any of my paintings at your leisure in your own home!